Balochistan Development Authority

Gaddani ship breaking

Location of Gaddani.


                  Gaddani is located on the shore of Arabian Sea at road distance of 45 Km from Karachi, including 39 Km on RCD highway towards north of Karachi through Hub and 6 Km off RCD highway towards west.


                  The road leading to seashore is bifurcated into two portion s at a distance of ½ Km short of seashore. On turning to right goes to Gaddani town. The other turning to left runs for about 12 Km in front premises of Gaddani Ship Breaking Industry plots from 1 to 132.


Control and management



                  The Government of Balochistan entrusted control and Management of Gaddani ship breaking Yard to the Balochistan Development Authority vide Notification No.13-1/76-80-1(S&GAD), dated 16th September 1978. Prior to this management of Ship Breaking was controlled by the BOR.


Promulgation of the Balochistan Ship Breaking Industry Rules, 1979.



                  The Balochistan Ship Breaking Industry Rules, 1979 were promulgated in September, 1979.


Beaching Area.


                  The beaching area is spread over 1256 acres, divided into 314 plots of 4 acres each (200x8 meter).


Total No. of plots


                  Total numbers of developed plots are 133 out of which 32 plots are under the control of the BDA (102-133). Whereas 101 Plots owned by private individuals.


Lease money


                  Under the said Rules the BDA lease out the plots against Lease money of Rs.100,000/- per plot per annum at initial stage.



Tonnage fee


                  Under the said Rules tonnage Fee was fixed to Rs.15/- per ton. The rate of Tonnage Fee thereafter, enhanced to:


(i)           Rs.30/- P.T. w.e.f 01.10.1996 vide notification No.BDA/HQs/50-3/Admn/196/3024-31 dated 01.10.1996.


(ii)         Rs.50/- P.T. w.e.f. 22.07.2013 vide notification No.P&D-BDA(313)/2013/2883 dated 22.07.2013.


                  One hundred Eighty Six (186) ships beached (during 23.07.2013 to 31.03.2015) at Gaddani Ship breaking Yard are come under the category of Rs.50/- P.T.


Ø  Total Developed Plots of Govt:/BDA                                                33

Ø  Allotted                                                                                     32

Ø  Vacant                                                                                      01

Ø  Ships Beached from 01.07.2014 to 31.03.2015                                  97

Ø  Tonnage (LDT)                                                                            1.125 Million

Ø  Revenue (Tonnage Fee)                                                                56.290 Million

Ø  Revenue (Lease Money)                                                                2.70 Million

Ø  Revenue (Penalty)                                                                        0.075 Million

Ø  Revenue (S. Deposit)                                                                    0.18 Million

Ø  Total Revenue                                                                              59.245 Million


duty structure of fbr



o   Custom duty                           1%

o   Sales Tax                               fixed Rs.6700/- P.T.

o   Income Tax                             4.5% P.T.



Gaddani ship breaking yard road



            In 1982 the Balochistan Development Authority had constructed 25 Km (16 feet wide) road along with the side of Ship Breaking Yard at cost of Rs.14.750 million in order to provide better communication facilities to the Ship Breakers. After completion of its long time of 30 years, the condition of road now became worst and need to repair/patch work or new one, because Ship Breakers are facing great difficulties to pass their heavy loaded transport’s through this passage.


Gaddani water supply scheme


                  The Scheme of Gaddani water supply for Ship breaking Yard was launched & completed by BDA at a total cost Rs.45.700 million. Subsequently the scheme was handed over to Public Health Engineering Department.



Future Planning


                  Balochistan Development Authority approached the Federal Government for the approval of Modernization of Gaddani ship Breaking Yard for the development and modernization of ship breaking yard & Recycling Industry with estimated cost rupees about 2.00 billion which include widening and reconditioning of main road from Gaddani to Ship Breaking Yard including hospital and educational facilities in yard vicinity to facilitate the locals of the area as well as labours and ship breakers.  


                     In this regard PC-II for the above mentioned project costing to Rs.84.00 million has been approved by the PDWP in its meeting held on 09.02.2012. Furthermore the scheme has placed before the CDWP.